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Broken dreams. Zootopia fanart by pandapaco

The originality and the impact of this artwork are very awesome, indeed. The technique and the vision of the artwork are basically amaz...

Epilogue. Zootopia fanart by pandapaco

As for this artwork, it has awesome vision, awesome originality, awesome technique and a great impact! This police fox character is pic...

Gwen Tennyson by DyloxX
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Cool. It is not really shabby at all. The originality is amazing. Gwen is using her Anodite powers are very unique. It is really impres...

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The technique of this artwork is very excellent, indeed! The vision and the originality are basically excellent, though. As for the imp...


Oscar and Edith by lukio5000
Oscar and Edith
This is the scene of Oscar (a.k.a. Tasmecoot) is falling in love Edith (a.k.a. Foxydiva) when he introduced himself to her.
Jack tells great news by lukio5000
Jack tells great news
This is the scene of Jack (a.k.a. Brawncat) is telling great news to Tony (a.k.a. Wolffoxman) of Oscar, Ian and Ashley are now fully recovered from the battle of the late Assassafang.


Luke Parisis
United States

Brutescar's Alliance Part 1 logo by lukio5000

                          Creature Force episode 23: Brutescar's Alliance Part 1 (Evil Plan)

                      Written, created, produced and directed by Lucas Parisis (a.k.a. Lukio5000)

The next week, Saberclaws, Blade (a.k.a. Anubis,) Roscoe (a.k.a. Trigger,) Ricardo (a.k.a. Swiftthrash) and Rucker (a.k.a. Brutalguy are in Saberclaws’ hideout.


                         Somebody knocks on the door.


Saberclaws: (to Roscoe, stoic) Roscoe, let’s see who it is…


                            Roscoe opens the door.


                       Ray (a.k.a. Beastfang) steps in.


                               Roscoe is surprised.


Roscoe: (to Ray, surprised) What the?!? Ray?!? But, I thought me and Wolfgang have abducted you for our revenge on the Creature Force…


Ray: (to Roscoe, angrily) Shut up, gonzo! I’m a double agent of Louie Capone.


                          Ray walks over to Saberclaws.


Saberclaws: (to Ray, stoic) Ray, I did not know that you’re Louie Capone’s double agent. What do you want?


Ray: (to Saberclaws, convincing) My name is Raymond Tyler Burton, the traitor of the C.S.P. team. May I join your alliance?


                     Saberclaws and Ricardo are impressed.


Saberclaws: (to Ray, impressed) Hmm. Sure, you may join our alliance, Ray.


                           Ray joins Saberclaws’ alliance.


Ricardo: (to Saberclaws, sinister) Senior Saberclaws, I have an idea. The three of us will have an alliance with the desceased Wolffox’s arch nemesis, Brutescar to wipe out the Creature Force and their backup. Will that work?


                           Saberclaws has an evil smile.


Saberclaws: (to Ricardo, sinister) That’s so diabolical! I like it. (to Ricardo, Roscoe and Ray, convincing) Ricardo, Roscoe and Ray, team up with Brutescar to kill two teams of the Creature Force. Understand?


Ricardo, Roscoe and Ray: (to Saberclaws, serious) Yes, sir.


              Soon, Junius (a.k.a. Pumaguy,) Jack (a.k.a. Brawncat,) Ian (a.k.a. Kahunadude,) Oscar (a.k.a. Tasmecoot) and Ashley (a.k.a. Pumababe) are in C.F. H.Q.


Ian: (to Junius, happily) Oscar, Jack, Ashley I are going to Azulla Beach, dude.


Junius: (to Jack, Oscar, Ashley and Ian, happily) Have fun at the beach, folks.


Jack: (to Junius, happily) Yeah! We’ll have fun, old buddy.


Jack, Oscar, Ian and Ashley: (to Junius, happily) Bye.


Junius: (to the four heroes, happily) Bye, folks.


                                  The four heroes leave.


           And so, in Azulla Beach, Ian finishes taking a photo of Ashley making a beautiful pose with her swimsuit with a skirt and waving her wavy long hair.


Ian: (to Ashley, happily) That’s the most beautiful pose that I’ve ever seen, Ashley.


                            Ashley blushes happily.


Ashley: (to Ian, sweetly) How sweet of you, Ian.


                      Oscar is falling in love with Ashley.


Oscar: (to Ashley, excited) Your pose is very awesome, Ashley!


Ashley: (to FJ2, sweetly) Why, thank you, dear Oscar.


                      Ashley kisses Oscar on the cheek.


Jack: (to Ian and Ashley, happily) As for my old rival, Roscoe, I defeated him at an arm wrestling match. But…


Ian: (to Jack, confused) But what?


Jack: (to Ashley and Ian, sympathetic) Roscoe’s not a villain on the inside. Did you realize that he had an ex-partner, Howzer, who was a former Creature Force member?


Ashley: (to Jack, sympathetic) Now, we both understand, Jack.


                          Ian and Ashley are looking at each other.


Ian: (to Ashley, sweetly) You’re so smart, beautiful and very compassionate, Ashley.


Ashley: (to Ian, sweetly) You’re such a serious hunk with a heart of gold, Ian.


                     Ian and Ashley are about to kiss each other.


                        Jack is smiling and has a tear in his eye.


Jack: (thinking, tearfully) This reminds me of my younger years, when I was married to Helen.


                  Suddenly, Ricardo, Roscoe and Ray arrive quickly.


  Jack, Ian, Ashley and Oscar are looking at the three villains with shock.


Ricardo: (to the four heroes, evilly) Well, well, well. If it isn’t the sappy Crreature Force amigos with a hot senioreita!


           Ashley recognizes Ricardo as the deceptive and crude monster.


Ashley: (to Ricardo, angrily) Ricardo, what are you doing at this beach?!?


                            Ricardo falls in love with Ashley.


Ricardo: (to Ashley, sinister) Don’t be furious, seniorietta. But, I don’t get your name.


Ashley: (to Ricardo, angrily) My name is Ashley Allison Neko, who’s the daughter of the Creature Force president.


Ricardo: (to Ashley, convincing) Ashley, what a gorgeous name. I want you to be my girlfrriend.


Ashley: (to Ricardo, angrily) On the contrary, Ricardo. I have Ian as a warm-hearted boyfriend. I dislike deceptive men.


                         Roscoe holds Ricardo on the shoulder.


Roscoe: (to Ricardo, stoic) Ricardo, you have to leave Ashley, alone, because she does not love you.


                  Ricardo looks at Roscoe and becomes infuriated.


Ricardo: (to Roscoe, screaming angrily) How dare you, for bossing me around, you imbécil! Thrashing Typhoon!


            Ricardo uses his Thrashing Typhoon attack by punching and kicking Roscoe, multiple times.


                         The four heroes are shocked to watch Ricardo beating up Roscoe.


Jack: (to the three heroes, worried) Poor Roscoe. (to Ashley, worried) Ashley, you were right about Ricardo, he gives women a bad name.


Ashley: (to Jack, concerned) I have to save Roscoe from getting beaten up by that sadistic monster, Ricardo.


                                            Ashley rushes to Ricardo and Roscoe.


Ashley: (concerned) Silver Shield!


                Ashley uses her Silver Shield and protects Roscoe, who was ravaged by Ricardo.


                                                   Ian rushes to Ricardo.


Ian: (to Ricardo, angrily) Vacuum Jab!


          Ian uses his Vacuum Jab and punches Ricardo in the stomach.


                          Ricardo stops hurting Roscoe.


Ian: (to Ricardo, angrily) You’ve attempted to kill your own comrade, by fighting over my love, Ashley. Ashley will never fall in love with you for the rest of your life, you pompous ass! Ashley is my girlfriend!


                 Ricardo groans angrily and rubs his stomach.


Ricardo: (to the four heroes, angrily) Fine. When we meet again, we’ll have an alliance with Brutescar to exterminate the both of you, los necios and your imbecilidad backup teams. Adios.


                               Ricardo and Ray leave.


                           The four heroes are unhappy.


Jack: (to Oscar, Ian and Ashley, uneasy) We have to stop Ricardo, Brutescar and Ray from trying to kill both of our team and our backup team.


Ashley: (to Jack, Oscar and Ian, concerned) We’ll send Roscoe to our base. But, I have a plan to tell my father to convince Tony to defeat Aidan Percy Bullet, who is known as Brutescar.


         Later, in C.F. H.Q., Ashley is healing Roscoe with one of her medicines.


Junius: (to Jack, Ian and Ashley, curious) Let me get this straight. Both Ricardo and Ray are going to team up with Brutescar?


Ashley: (to Junius, stoic) Yes, father. They’re planning to eradicate both of our team and our backup.


           Tony becomes infuriated and remembers Brutescar as his main idol’s murderer.


Tony: (to Ashley, angrily) You mean Brutescar, the murderer of my idol?!?


Ashley: (to Tony, serious) Yes.


                           Ashley finishes healing Roscoe.


                     Roscoe is fully healed and slowly, wakes up.


Roscoe: (to Junius, suggesting) So how about me and that wolffoxdude give your backup team a critical warning, chief?


Junius: (to Tony and Roscoe, serious) Tony and Roscoe, go to the C.S.P. H.Q. and warn Ziggy and his comrades that Ricardo and his cohorts are planning for an invasion of their base.


Tony and Roscoe: (to Junius, dutifully) Right.


             Meanwhile, in Dark base, Somebody knocks on the door.


                            Bakatsu opens the door.


                        Brutescar and Makey step in.


Dr. Vile: (to Brutescar and Makey, confused) Who are you?


Brutescar: (to Dr. Vile, politeful) My name is Brutescar and this is my partner, Makey.


                            Dr. Vile smiles evilly.                    


Dr. Vile: (to both Brutescar and Makey, convincing) I would like the both of you, newbies to join the Dark team.


Brutescar: (to Dr. Vile, sinister) On the contrary, Shirley. Me and Makey have decided to dominate your team.


                     Makey changes into Iceshock.


                      Dr. Vile becomes frightened.


Dr. Vile: (to Iceshock, terrified) What are you going to do to me?!?


Iceshock: (to Dr. Vile, sinister) I’m going to kill you, doc. Blizzard Wave.


         Iceshock and uses her Blizzard Wave and freezes Dr. Vile.


                          Dr. Vile is now frozen.


      Bakatsu and Drilljack are horrified that Dr. Vile has turned frozen by Iceshock.


                           Iceshock kicks Dr. Vile.


                       Dr. Vile is shattered into pieces.


                        Ricardo and Ray arrive, slowly.


             Brutescar and Iceshock are looking at both Ricardo and Ray with surprise.


                          Iceshock falls in love with Ricardo.


Iceshock: (to Ricardo, lovesick) What a hunk!


Ricardo: (to both Brutescar and Iceshock, convincing) My name is Ricardo and this is my partner, Raymond. We would like to team up with you, Brutescar to kill both the C.F. and C.S.P. teams. Do we have a deal?


Brutescar and Makey: (to Ricardo, agreeing) We accept your offer.


                      Ricardo looks at Bakatsu and Drilljack.


Ricardo: (to Brutescar, impressed) Who shall I kill?


Brutescar: (to Ricardo, convincing) (referring of Bakatsu and Drilljack) Just kill these two blokes.


Ricardo: (to Brutescar, sinister) My pleasure, senor Brutescar. (to both Bakatsu and Drilljack, evil screaming) Slashing Barrrrage!


   Ricardo uses his Slashing Barrage and slices Bakatsu and Drilljack.


             Blood comes out of Drilljack and Bakatsu’s bodies.


                      Bakatsu and Drilljack are collapsing.


Bakatsu: (to Drilljack, dying) Drilljack, it’s up to me to give our foe, the bad news.


Drilljack: (to Bakatsu, dying) Go on. Bakatsu, go, now.


                                     Drilljack dies.


                Bakatsu slowly gets up and leaves limping.


Ricardo: (to Brutescar and Iceshock, sinister) I’ve got a horrible plan, Percy. We’ll abduct that incompente and receive him as a hostage by convincing your arch-nemesis to surrender to us. Do you llike my plan?


                         Brutescar and Iceshock are smiling.


Brutescar: (to both Ricardo and Ray, fake disappointed) Hmm. Ricardo, your plan is blood-boiling horrible… (evil chuckle) But we both like it!

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